2019 -2020 OPUS OFFICERS

President - James Kerr
Vice President - Karen Flores
Secretary - Alyssa McCook
Treasurer - Karen Gunderson
Ways & Means - Lin Tovar
Freshman Liaison - Miriam Teifke
Questions?  Send an email to emhsopus.ink@gmail.com


The parent booster group for the orchestra program is referred to as 

EMHS OPUS, INK., or Orchestra Parents United for Students.  The purposes for OPUS was developed to allow the organization to be responsive to the needs of a growing orchestra program.  Some of the purposes include:

  • To promote an enthusiastic interest in all phases of EMHS orchestra

  • To lend support, both moral and financial to the orchestra director and orchestra students.

  • To promote projects and activities that will help the orchestra director and students create and maintain the highest levels of achievement

  • To build and maintain an organization of parents and patrons which will help promote the general activities of the orchestra



As a parent/guardian of an EMHS orchestra student, you are already a member of the OPUS famly.  Last year, through funds donated by OPUS families and collected through fundraising, the following was possible:

  • Purchase orchestra t-shirts for all students

  • Award two, $500 Senior scholarships

  • Pay state contest entry fees

  • Assist with All-State expenses

  • Hire clinicians to work with each orchestra

  • Purchase Senior Gifts

All parents are encouraged to attend the OPUS meetings that are held on the

4th Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Edmond Memorial Orchestra Room.  

Send in your family information form so we can add you to the email group to receive information from OPUS.  Or fill out your form online HERE.

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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent"  - Victor Hugo