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2021 -2022 OPUS OFFICERS

President - Kirk Suttles

Vice President - Laura Suttles

Secretary - Alyssa McCook

Treasurer - Jana Cook

Ways & Means - Lori Dickinson Black

Uniforms - Jessica Tate

Freshman Liaison - 

Questions?  Email


The parent booster group for the orchestra program is called "Orchestra Parents United for Students" or OPUS. The purposes of OPUS is respond to the needs of a growing and thriving orchestra program.

Purposes include:

  • To promote an enthusiastic interest in all phases of EMHS orchestra

  • To lend support, both moral and financial to the orchestra director and orchestra students.

  • To promote projects and activities that will help the orchestra director and students create and maintain the highest levels of achievement

  • To build and maintain an organization of parents and patrons which will help promote the general activities of the orchestra



As a parent or guardian of an EMHS orchestra student, you are already a member of the OPUS family.  Last year, through funds donated by OPUS families and collected through fundraising, the following was possible:

  • Purchase orchestra t-shirts for all students

  • Awarded two, $500 Senior scholarships

  • Pay state contest entry fees

  • Assist with All-State expenses

  • Hire clinicians to work with each orchestra

  • Purchase Senior Gifts

All parents are encouraged to attend the OPUS meetings that are held on the

4th Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Edmond Memorial Orchestra Room.  

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