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Edmond Memorial Orchestra Alumni

While the current orchestras at Edmond Memorial continue to grow it is important to recognize the students who helped pave the way!

Orchestra Alumni Reunited is a way to keep past students connected to the current program.

Here on our official orchestra website you’ll be able to stay updated on current orchestra events, concerts, fundraisers, etc.


Multiple $500 Scholarships are awarded to seniors at the annual orchestra banquet – this coming year we’d like to have an alumni driven scholarship. This means donations from alumni and having past students present the award to the graduating seniors. All donations are appreciated no matter the amount, whether $5, $500 or anything in between. By having alumni help build this new scholarship, we’re showing that the orchestra makes a lasting impression on the educational lives of musicians.


Please select if you are a former student or parent, then fill out the registration sheet so that we can put together a record of alumni. Submitting this information allows for organizing meet-ups and the alumni reunion concert that much easier.





Alumni Reunion Concert

 The greatest common factor between all alumni is that we were all Memorial musicians. Let’s bring together our skills for a Spring 2018 Concert conducted by our very own Mr. Koehn, playing side-by-side with Memorial’s current orchestra students. Please be aware that Mr. Koehn will provide instruments for those without. All levels of playing are welcome; don’t worry if you haven’t played since high school. We’ll take you just the way you are!

This potential concert is still in its baby stage but by showing interest you’ll help the process come to fruition faster. If you are interested in participation please let us know in the registration form above.

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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent"  - Victor Hugo